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UM vs UF: The Final Round


The University of Miami and the University of Florida have had some amazing battles throughout the years and it has been one of College Footballs most popular rivalries. It is sad to say that this could possibly be the last time that these two teams ever face each other. Thankfully the fans for both teams are going to be treated to a great game as both teams are among the best in the nation. (more…)


Miami Wins Easily Over FAU

Florida Atlantic v Miami

The University of Miami has to face Florida Atlantic University in the opening week of the season. Most schools usually treat week 1 as a mini preseason as they usually schedule a lesser opponent to begin the season. This is the case as FAU is viewed as one of the bottom dwellers of the FBS for years. Despite this being viewed as an easy match up for the Canes, it is a game that is still taken serious and it gives the coaches a chance to see how the team looks. (more…)

Canes Moving Forward

Coming off the massacre in Manhattan, many felt like the season was going down hill fast for the Miami Hurricanes. The Canes then responded with a win at home against Bethune-Cookman, and a very impressive win on the road against¬†Georgia¬†Tech. (more…)

Canes Camp

The Miami Hurricanes are in their fifth day of fall camp. After spring, the Hurricanes need a strong camp to prepare for the season. With 26 days until the season opener in Boston College, the Canes have their work cut out for them. (more…)

Miami Hurricanes: Offensive Position Breakdown

The Miami Hurricanes showed some promising signs last year on offense even when dealing with injuries and suspensions. The Canes proved that they can score points when they need to. (more…)