Miami Wins Easily Over FAU

Florida Atlantic v Miami

The University of Miami has to face Florida Atlantic University in the opening week of the season. Most schools usually treat week 1 as a mini preseason as they usually schedule a lesser opponent to begin the season. This is the case as FAU is viewed as one of the bottom dwellers of the FBS for years. Despite this being viewed as an easy match up for the Canes, it is a game that is still taken serious and it gives the coaches a chance to see how the team looks.

The Cane’s offense started off shaky with the first drive ending on a turnover on downs  despite some good passes from Morris to Hurns. After the first drive, it was all Canes, specifically all Duke as the sophomore running back got in a groove and never looked back. Johnson ended the game with 19 carries 186 yards and 1 touchdown , he also added a catch for 38 yards. Duke has a great game and looks poised to have a monstrous season and looks to be an early Heisman favorite.

The passing game had its ups and downs as Stephen Morris made some great throw, but the receivers had some big drops. Most notably was Freshman receiver Stacy Coley who seemed to always be open yet could not seem to hold on to the ball. One receiver who did stick out was Sophomore Herb Waters who had 2 catches for 49 yards, and also had an explosive run on an end around play that went for 63 yards and really helped the Canes break away from the Owls.


The defense on the other hand looked a lot better compared to the unit that was put on the field last year. The defense looked a lot more composed and in sync. One player who really surprised was Senior Safety Kacy Rodgers who has typically been an average player but really shined in this game. The defense looked dominant against the Owls offense, despite FAU not being a powerhouse, it is still impressive after how dreadful the defense was last year.

The Hurricanes overall looked very solid and are poised to have the best season since Al Golden was named Head Coach. Duke and Stephen Morris both looked great and have the talent around them to be one of the top offensive units in the nation. The defense looks much improved and should be enough to help this team take the next step. The Canes still need to fix some things on both sides of the ball especially if they want to have success against the Gators who are one of the top teams in the nation.


One response

  1. Sean Breslin

    And that win over Florida yesterday was far more impressive!


    September 8, 2013 at 8:57 am

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