lebron v meloPrior to the series beginning, “experts” everywhere claimed the New York Knicks to be a sleeper team in the Playoffs. These same experts proclaimed the Knicks to be a team to put the Miami Heat on upset alert. Really? In what world can the Knicks score more points than Miami in 4 out of 7 games? Against a defense that’s arguably best in the league; not this world. The Heat established dominance right away. They imposed their will, both defensively and offensively. At times, the Knicks looked like an amateur team out there trying to play with the big boys. In typical Miami Heat fashion, they suffocated the Knicks with their trademark defense. Miami forced New York into a Playoff high 18 turnovers per game average for the series. Giving up 18 turnovers a game to arguably the best fast-break team in the league is not going to get the job done, especially in the Playoffs.

In regards to the intangibles, the Heat dominated as well. New York couldn’t, for the life of them, control their emotions. They racked up a whopping 12 technical fouls to a mere 4 for Miami. Edge? Miami. In addition to the plethora of technicals comes one of the most brain-dead moments in NBA Playoff history. Let’s welcome Amare Stoudemire to the stage. After a Game 2 loss in Miami, Amare thought it was a good idea to punch a fire extinguisher case (composed of glass and steel). Fret not folks, it was with his off hand; which leads some to believe it might’ve been purposefully done in order to protect the shooting hand. Regardless, Amare wins the bonehead of the year award. [Insert round of applause here].

The Heat extinguished the Knicks in only 5 games. Game 4 was a gift of a game and by far the worst performance of the series for the Heat. A game in which Miami looked far too relaxed and nonchalant until the final minutes of the fourth quarter. And still, Miami was a buzzer-beater away from a sweep. Lucky for Heat fans with tickets for Game 5, Dwyane Wade missed a fade-away from the corner in the final seconds. As a result, the home fans got to enjoy the series win at the Triple-A. Here are some of the deciding stats of the series.

SERIES STATS                                        MIA                                         NYK

Field Goal Percentage



3-Point Percentage



Free-Throw Percentage



Turnovers Per Game



The Heat advance to face the Indiana Pacers in round 2. The Pacers are a young, underrated, formidable opponent. Should make for a very interesting series.


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